Mission statement

Mission statement

The property at the focal point.

The property is at the centre of our advising. Professional expertise and extensive sectoral knowledge form the basis of our holistic advising approach. In this way we guarantee comprehensive, highly specialised advising that goes beyond the boundaries of legal fields.

We work both in and out of court.

We at JASPER Rechtsanwälte are admitted to represent our clients in all legal matters at all Local, Regional and Higher Regional Courts in Germany. As out-of-court mediator and arbitrator, Dr. Dieter Jasper LL.M. is also authorised to negotiate out-of-court settlements.

Make use of professional and fair legal advising for your property investment. We shall gladly advise you on all matters related to your future own home. Contact us for a free and no-obligation quotation.

No matter how big your project is: Make use of our legal advising that combines the expertise of a large law firm with outstanding value for money. We offer long-term advising strategies based on an economic approach.

Legal advising:

JASPER Rechtsanwälte advises and represents you in business and private matters related to the law on contracts of employment and service. We accompany and plan restructuring measures, redundancy programmes, works agreements, company closures, unfair dismissal proceedings, and in particular the purchase and sale of companies. We draft employment contracts for Board Members, Directors and employees, for unfair dismissal proceedings as well as dismissal/termination agreements.

We also check employment contracts for employee clients, and support them in action related to unfair dismissal, insolvency benefits and non-competition agreements.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte advises and represents clients in matters concerning loan agreements, financing-related contracts and concepts, taking account of public funding, collateral security law and investment law.

We develop collateralisation concepts for personal property, real estate, ships, aircraft and transport as well as covenant agreements for our clients. We provide assistance in implementing contracts with public funding. We are also experts in loan management as well as in advising regarding creditworthiness checks or ratings.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte advises you regarding the acquisition, development, implementation and marketing of property projects. We draw up property acquisition contracts, contracts for work and services with architects, planners or craftsmen. We also have extensive experience of general acquisition contracts/general-contractor agreements, property developer contracts or even closed property funds. We offer comprehensive accompanying legal advice, planning of your project with all parties involved, building performance contracts and much more. In addition, we are involved in commercial tenancy and leasehold law or rental management, and also advise on marketing.

Allow us to prepare a no-obligation quotation for our JR Check and JR Develop legal advisory work.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte prepares comprehensive legal opinions on all areas of advising mentioned. In these opinions we set out economic perspectives for our clients, derive strategies and recommendations, and we then help with implementation of the ensuing measures. Whether continuing obligations, company purchases or even securities prospectuses: We attach importance to sustainable strategies that ultimately lead to your economic success.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte works particularly actively for you on current issues related to European and international commercial law. We develop concepts for property projects, negotiate with responsible municipal supervisory authorities, tax authorities and bodies on behalf of our international clients. One particular area of our work here for our international clients is in the field of grants, subsidies and state aid.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte offers specialist advice on company law. We accompany our clients through the formation of partnerships and incorporated firms, create the necessary legal framework for economic success. In particular we supervise restructuring measures, demergers, mergers, spin-offs and changes of legal form. We are also involved in crisis management, the preparation of insolvency proceedings and the liquidation of companies.

Our clients place their faith in our supervision and accompaniment of insolvency proceedings, when asserting their claims and winding up their company.

We also provide advice on stock-corporation law, action for annulment, joint ventures, concerning the contractual structuring of venture capital companies and on due diligence.

We offer discreet advice and legal management for private individuals, shareholders and directors in terms of contract conclusion, company closures and corporate succession rulings.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte is active in the field of anti-trust and competition law, in particular advising on national and international company mergers. We represent the interests of our clients in application and notification procedures with the Federal Cartel Office and the European Commission. Our experts provide assistance throughout the entire merger process with their diverse, European and national expertise. Here, you can benefit in particular from our lean, efficient structures, the particular proficiency of our experts in European law and their specialist negotiating skills.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte has extensive experience in the field of leasing law. We take care of the drafting of leasing contracts under HGB/BilMoG (German Commercial Code/German Accounting Law Modernisation Act) as well as international IFRS standards. Our clients have been benefitting from outstanding advice related to the leasing of furnishings, property, network and software for over 10 years.

We offer economic advice for logical refinancing agreements, forfeiting contracts, collateral structures, off-balance-sheet structures, operate and wet-lease agreements, licence rights for tools and development contracts, warehouse outsourcing and much more.

Whether ownership structures for non-permanent features, option contracts for leased products or company shares, delivery contracts and rights of first refusal: JASPER Rechtsanwälte is your strategic partner for leasing business.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte works as facilitator, mediator and arbitrator in business and building law for German and foreign clients. We advise on litigation avoidance strategies, out-of-court dispute resolution, and conduct arbitration proceedings for our partners. We excel in particular through our representation of German clients in foreign courts. In this respect, we draw on our outstanding network of international colleagues.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte is a recognised mediator for out-of-court matters.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte helps its clients in matters related to Mergers & Acquisitions. We negotiate venture capital investments, the purchase and sale of company shares, assets, and plan strategic changes in groups of companies (management buy-out/buy-in). Principals and clients again benefit from our expertise in legal due diligence, in particular in property law. Questions regarding building law, related service providers, contractual and financing structures as well as the feasibility of the project are checked for clients in a transdisciplinary and customised manner.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte is your expert partner for the formulation, negotiation and assertion of contractual and statutory claims.

We check and draw up your contracts of purchase, terms and conditions of business, and optimise the assertion of your interests.

Our JR Check product in particular offers you expert advising on your dream property. Seek advice before purchasing your property, protect yourself and your assets before “the damage has been done”.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte offers comprehensive legal advice concerning grants, subsidies and state aid. We check matters related to state aid as well as providing and implementing solution approaches for the preparation of applications for grants and subsidies.

We are currently advising clients on subsidy controlling, and are also accompanying them in judicial and extra-judicial proceedings concerning subsidy reclaims. We represent our clients in disputes with auditing offices.