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JR CHECK - For private clients

Who needs professional property advising for a private purchase?

Property is something special. Your purchase should therefore be well thought through and planned, and then implemented diligently. We help you to deal with your negotiating partner – in most cases a property professional – on equal terms.

Just placing your trust in the authenticating civil law notary is not sufficient to ensure a smooth property transaction. The civil law notary does not provide advice,because he has a legal obligation to remain neutral. He merely ensures that all parties understand the contract correctly. He does not check whether what the parties are signing corresponds to their precise wishes. This is particularly problematic because property purchases are very difficult to reverse. Property developers and sellers always obtain their legal advice from lawyers. Do the same yourself to be on the safe side. The investment is worthwhile.

Sometimes it is advisable to refrain from a transaction if the legal and financial risks are difficult to assess. We help you to uncover these risks and protect your assets.

What does this cost?

Jasper Rechtsanwälte creates the basis for the economic success of its clients. Our aim is to offer professional and well-founded legal advice without losing sight of our clients’ economic success. 

Consequently, we work on the basis of fixed, pre-agreed fees wherever desired. Benefit from our extensive experience in property business law and our outstanding value for money.


Do you have additional questions or are you interested in free initial advice? Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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