JR Check©

Jasper Rechtsanwälte Impressum

The JR Check©service, registered as a trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich, is a legal service for Clients that are seriously interested in the purchase, sale or renting of real estate property. We offer competent, prompt and convenient legal advice in order to strengthen our Client’s position vis-à-vis the other parties to the deal. For our Clients we identify legal traps and perils and keep our Clients from expensive mistakes or misjudgements. At the same time, we guarantee certainty concerning costs through fixed and clearly arranged fees.

Use our legal advice before selling or purchasing landed property. It is worthwhile!

Purchasers of landed property frequently spend a lot of money without having the legal risks assessed from their perspective. The purchase contract has to be certified by a German Notary. Butt he Notary is not allowed to give assistance. However, the Notary is not allowed to provide assistance. Often the purchaser will suffer a bad awakening later. After authentication of the deed, he does not have the right of withdrawal as is the case with loan agreements. This situation can however be avoided.

JASPER Rechtsanwälte assists Clients with the selection, purchase or sale of landed property, and offers legal certainty – all for a fixed and appropriate fee. Our Clients acquire a better basis for negotiations and save possible follow-on costs or even prevent a bad deal. This investment is worthwhile.